Patient Testimonials

  • My legs swelled up slowly. My doctor kept telling me I had to go on a diet and lose weight. I watched everything I ate and was exercising 4 or 5 times every week but my legs never got smaller. I even had to buy shoes that are 2 sizes longer and 3 widths wider than I would normally wear. We put a stair glide in because going up and down stairs was too hard for me to do.  I was finally diagnosed with lymphedema. I worked with Deb for 2 weeks. Now I am wearing all of my old favorite shoes and I can walk up the stairs without getting tired. She helped me get my life back!

    A client of with lymphedema

  • My legs have been so swollen and heavy for years. I haven’t been able to go upstairs to my bedroom in 2 years because of the weight. My doctor gave me water pills but they didn’t make a difference. Then Deb did lymphedema therapy with me. It took three weeks to reduce my legs back to their old size. I am now able to go upstairs to sleep in my bed. Walking is so easy now! I can actually walk around the grocery store without getting tired. Deb told me that her goal was for me to stop being a patient and get back to being a person. I feel we reached that goal. I am so grateful to have had her as my therapist!

    A client with lymphedema

  • Since I completed the LSVT BIG therapy, I am moving so much better all of the time! Simple tasks like getting in and out of bed now takes a fraction of the time and I do not need any help! I am walking with my friends and feel really good! Working with you at my house made it “real world” and much more meaningful!

    A client with Parkinson’s Disease

  • I work harder with you in the home than I ever did in a clinic! When you show me how to do my exercises in my home, I know how to do them and where! Simple, but it has made a big difference!

    A client with a total knee replacement

  • Thanks for the time and personal attention you have provided my mom. She has looked forward to your therapy sessions and has been diligent about continuing with her homework. This is a fantastic service you are providing!

    The daughter of a client who had a stroke

  • Convenient. Intensive. Highly personalized. I get more out of one house calls therapy session than a week’s worth at a clinic. And, there is no down time getting to and from. I will tell my friends to call First State Rehab At Home for results!

    A client with a longstanding neck problem who works from home