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joint replacements Wilmington & Kent, DE

Rapid Recovery After Joint Replacement Surgery

Total and partial joint replacements have become a mainstay in helping an individual gain relief from chronic joint pain, restore movement and return individuals to prior levels of health activity. Advances in surgical techniques, artificial joint design and materials, and solid rehabilitation research now combine to progress an individual rapidly from post-op to full function and enjoyment. Immediate and intensive therapy is crucial during the early days following surgery to get things moving and keep them moving. Our therapists are skilled at the latest research techniques to bring rapid recovery to people post surgery.  The house calls model brings the expert care to you, often the same day you are discharged from the place of surgery.

 Pre-Op Consulting

Whenever possible, we conduct in-home consultations to assess the home and prepare you for the first few days following surgery. Simple things such as teaching you how to walk in your home with assistive devices such as a cane or crutches will make the return home more pleasant and safe. We will establish you on an exercises program to send you into surgery in optimal condition and to familiarize you with how to perform the exercises post-op. This will allow you to minimize downtime and produce faster results. We are available in working hours at Wilmington & Kent, DE centers. For more information feel free to contact us.