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About Our Practice

First State Rehab At YOUR Home

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy in the comfort and convenience of your home!

Not just for seniors. We provide convenient, in-home therapy to adults of all ages.

Our experienced therapists bring their expertise and skills to you to ensure you get the individualized care and attention you need to get back to your life. 
Rehabilitation is a very personal process that often spans weeks and months. Physical therapists form unique bonds with their patients as they spend so much time together. Unlike many outpatient facilities and practices where therapists may be seeing several patients at once and patients may not see the same therapist on return visits, we always work one on one with people in their homes so that we can devote our full attention to you every visit.

The same clinician will treat you throughout the course of your therapy. Your therapist will use their skills to assess your condition, work with you to create a list of your goals and develop a plan of care that they will follow with you to ensure you meet and exceed your goals!

Seniors are active and healthyWe are mindful of the importance of a team approach to health care. We make an effort to establish an inclusive environment with you at the center. Other members of the care team may include your family and friends, your physician(s) and other health care providers.  We will work diligently to ensure timely communication among the team so that you are confident that we are all working together for you!

Getting back to a fuller life is important to you. Make the most of your therapy experience. Bring in the First State Rehab At Home Team to get you on your way!